Royal (not so) Edibles


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This weekend, the Pirate Redbeard made a very wise decision. He took the Queen on a date. A real, dress up, grown ups only kind of date. 



Obviously, these people are not nearly as good looking as the Pirate Redbeard and I….

We went to a restaurant that is run by the CIA- no, not THAT CIA! The Culinary Institutes of America. It is a student run restaurant featuring South American foods. Trendy, fun, foodie, different; all the things the Queen likes in a restaurant.


Each of us ordered different things so that we could taste two different dishes. This always sounds like a good idea. It usually IS a good idea. 

Some of you may not be aware of this, but mushrooms are of the devil.

Mushroom of DEATH

Mushroom of DEATH

The very thought of a piece of mushroom passing through the royal lips is just shudder inducing. I mean, I really, really don’t like mushrooms. I read menu descriptions scrupulously in search of hidden fungus. Redbeard loves mushrooms. It is truly his biggest fault. I have learned to live with it. He only eats the devil’s fungus away from home.


Neither Redbeard’s or my dish had mushrooms listed on the menu. Both dishes contained mushrooms. Devastation! 

Luckily, mine were all bunched together in a bouquet of sorts on top and easily removed. Redbeard’s were hiding underneath, but he found them before I tasted anything. 

All in all, it was a great dining experience. We would go back and try more yummies. I will just ask a lot of questions first.

Really, who would hide the fact that you are putting mushrooms in my food? Do I need a Royal Taster? Any takers?

The newest rule in the Queendom: All ingredients shall be disclosed upon the Royal Menu. There will be no hidden surprises in the Queen’s food. All mushrooms must be declared.

Construction in the Queendom


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There is much change afoot in the Queendom. New schools, new houses and new businesses.


Mostly, the Queen approves.

Schools are always a good idea, as long as we can continue to pay our teachers like the professionals they are.  Houses are getting a little bit out of hand…. the infrastructure of our little town is getting seriously overwhelmed. The most exciting part of new construction is the new businesses.


There are shopping centers and restaurants being built all around. This is good for our tax base, of course. More importantly, it means less time in the car for the Queen. The more choices I have close by, the less driving I have to do. Better all the way around.

The signs on all the buildings just tell me the name of the bank that is financing or the plumbing company that is contracted. I don’t care one little bit…..

I want to know what the building is going to be!


Is it something cool? A new dress shop, a 1/2 price book store, a vegetarian restaurant, a record store? Or is it yet another dry cleaner, nail place, chain chicken shack or insurance office. This inquiring mind wants to know. 

If the Queen ruled the world: All buildings under construction would have signs announcing what they are going to be. 


In the meanwhile: I will keep my fingers crossed for this ^ to happen!

The Queen is back…. maybe.


The Queen has returned to the realm.


And there was much rejoicing in the land

I know that most of you thought I had absconded with the treasury. Some of you may not have noticed I was missing. Either way, I am still here.


Recently, some “major life changes” have been going on in my world. I decided to use them as a reason to return to the blogosphere.




One of these changes has been health related. Nothing life threatening, but pretty major. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in worrying about our outsides, that we forget how important the insides are. Even the Queen is not immune to this idea…
It really changes the way I look at everything. No more Royal bacon cheeseburgers, no more diet soda (that almost killed me!), no more sugar. Oy and vey!  All the new rules give me something to focus on and a positive goal. I have seen progress already. The Royal Physician should be happy the next time I see her- if not, her head will roll and I shall replace her! Change is good. It keeps us young. Other things in my life are conspiring to make me old, so this is good!

I will get to other life changes if I decide to proceed…. such as Buttercup deciding that she had to grow up and the Pirate Redbeard fulfilling some of my wildest dreams!

Yes, my writing is out of practice. My royal proofreader and editor have both left the Queendom and I must carry on alone. You are good and faithful followers. You will be patient with me.

For now…


Rule #1a (I think it has been long enough for me to start over):

By Royal Decree: All inhabitants of the Queen’s World shall henceforth and forever take care of their insides!





Rule #209


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So, it is Friday.

I like Fridays. We get to spend the evening together without worries of school tomorrow, homework or regular routines.

Tonight, Buttercup had a babysitting job….


So, Pirate Redbeard and I went on a date.  After over 20 years of marriage, it is still date night when we go out together!


We ate some yummy dinner… grilled dust breast salad for me and grilled salmon sandwich for my Pirate!

532328_10201018110071795_1200428364_n 537398_10201018114431904_2101509248_n

We came home and enjoyed some wine and a grown up movie (J Edgar)-

It’s always good to remember why we like each other!

Here are some Friday Funnies for you…

575216_545119692200153_418620226_n 581764_10151464047947748_1487108655_n 644370_485286124859417_747184694_n 733783_310690752391350_1777171065_n 734032_485771858144177_291049252_n 734094_543423865703069_530615031_n 734612_549297555115700_1441646571_n

Have a great weekend!

Rule #209- Do something to remind yourself why you are with who you are with!

Rule #208


Here in the Queen’s World, we have recently become addicted to Doctor Who.

When I say addicted, I mean that in just about a month we have watched 5 1/2 seasons.  We are hard-core wrapped up.

There are, as I see it, 2 downsides.

One is that it has cut into my reading time- so , I am lacking in my usual number of books.

Two is that we will run out of episodes before we run out of the desire to see new ones.

I have a terribly large collection of Doctor Who pictures/jokes to refer to when I need a fix.

Our biggest rule is that we have to all three watch them together, so no sneaking peaks.

So, in honor of the books I need to read…


Rule #208- Read a book and Don’t blink!

I am alive! Rule #207

I guess I got in a funk…. felt like I had nothing to say.
I don’t know if it was a lack of confidence, laziness or letting other things get away from me.
I do know that I have missed “talking”‘to yáll. I think I was putting other people’s needs in front of mine. I know that you have never heard of a wife/mother doing that before~!

We spent this weekend making a tv show. Not a real one, mind you. Buttercup had an assignment for Spanish class to make a cooking video. Her teacher was kind enough to include vegetarian recipes in the choices. She chose a tortilla soup recipe. We had a lot of fun- Redbeard was the cameraman, I was the scriptgirl and cooking supervisor.

Here is her finished product… Well, this is where I would put the finished product. WordPress says I can’t post video… oh well. It’s on my FB page if anyone wants to see it.

I will post a picture from my newest obsession instead.


Rule #207- Don’t let the fact that you have nothing to say, keep you from talking!

Rule #206


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If nothing else, I am doing my best!

I have found myself in a position of having a small metaphorical plate and several large servings to put on it.

Not cool!

Need to figure something out here…. but in the meantime- have a Friday Funny- on me!

spider stealth sweetpug teapot vodka vodka1 winecubes winerescue wol

These are all random things, that for some reason or another make me happy!

Rule #206- Adjust your serving size- don’t get a bigger plate

Rule #205


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We have a lot of squirrels in our back yard.

They have turf wars in the trees…. running up one tree, jumping to the next. Down, across the yard to the roof and around and around. All the while making their crazy chattering barking sound.

They drive our kitties, Severus and Perry crazy!

We put some stale bread out today. Quite a sight.  A squirrel climbing a tree with an entire slice of bread in its mouth!

squirrelfeed squirrelhug squirrelkiss squirrelplank thquirrel

Rule #205- Feed your squirrels!

Rule #204


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The day after Valentine’s Day….

If I wanted to kill myself with kindness, I would hit the discount sales on left over chocolates.  I think I will pass.  I got a nice number of chocolates from my sweeties at home and my kidlets at school.  Just enough!

Today is Friday so it is time for some funnies….

cutezombie daryll zombiebed zombiebrain zombieproofatat handb r2d2 starsupper starwar tracks

Decided to do a Zombie/Star Wars theme today… those are the pictures I collect the most of!

Rule #204- Avoid the chocolate sales- you will thank me later!

Rule #203


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I know, I know… I have been a very lacksidazical leader of late.

How are people supposed to know how to act without The Queen’s Rules?

It is a beautiful, sunshiny day here in South Texas…. It is very odd to watch all of the snowstorm preparation going on in the Northeast… It makes me feel off kilter.  I grew up in The Land of Snow.  I escaped as soon as I could.

The magic required to make a day like today is equal to the magic of unicorns… I <3 unicorns!

rhinocorn unicorn unicorn2 unicorn3 unicorn4 unicorn5

So, if you are in Snow Land- stay home, stay warm and be safe. If you are anywhere else- congratulations!

Rule #203- Always be the unicorn!


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