This past weekend was very people-y. The Queen has some problems with things that are too people-y.  I love my people, but too many “other people” can make me nervous and tired. There were a lot of people this weekend… but I handled it… mostly!


Pirate Redbeard took me to Austin for 2 nights to spend some time together with no responsibilities, chores, cooking, etc. The emphasis of the weekend was on foods and breweries. Both of which are high on our list of  important things.

We started with a restaurant owned by a former Top Chef contestant. (The Queen is a closet “celebrity chef” stalker.) It was delicious and just the right start. They specialized in  small plates so we got to try lots of things….


We stopped at a few bars on the way back to hotel, lots of live music and fun groups along the way. Our very favorite was San Jac. We only went there because one of the owners is an actor on a TV show called Supernatural. The Princess Buttercup is a huge fan and wanted us to check it out. It ended up having a fantastic live band and a great atmosphere. We stayed for a couple of hours and had a great time.


The next day involved 4 breweries, 2 restaurants, a food truck, 2 bars, and a slice of cheese pizza eaten in the back of a pedicab. Oh, and almost 9 miles of walking.


And lots and lots of people.

Saturday dawned and we went for biscuits and gravy at another food truck… and let me tell you! I could have spent the day soaking in that gravy! There were a few more adventures on the way home, but those can be another story.



Queen’s Rule…. Know your limits….. and push them!