Today I visited the Royal Beautician. She is a lovely lady of unending talents. She has been caring for the hairs on the heads of The Queen and Princess Buttercup for about 10 years now. More recently, Herself has also benefited from her talents.


As The Queen, I try not to focus too much on my outward appearances. It is more important to me that the sunshine radiate from my face than that I get my make up just right.  I have always believed that a beautiful heart and loving soul will cause the world to see past physical imperfections.


I am still a bit of a girly girl.  I love to see the look on Redbeard’s face when I dress up for date night or the sunlight hits me just right and he just looks at me. I won’t deny the desire to be found beautiful by the one I love, but other than him…..


I much prefer that you find me a beautiful person.


Queen’s Rule of the day: It truly is what’s inside that counts.