This is not going to be about what you think it’s going to be about!

Kiss is a nickname of mine. Only 1 person in the world is allowed to use it. It comes from a sweet little man, then 2 years old, not being able to say my name right. He put the beginning and the end together and made “Kiss”. He sealed the deal on my forever love in that moment.

My little man moved away at the first of the year. I was devastated. I spent 3 days a week loving on him and he made me a better person.



After Princess Buttercup left for college, I was adrift. No one needed me the way she had. No one wanted me to take care of them like that. I got a new part-time job caring for this little man and he healed me. He needed me to be there, fully present, all the time. We had important things to accomplish. We had slides to slide, fish to visit, books to read, and legos to build. We had flowers to count and lunches to share… seriously, sometimes he ate more of my lunch than I did! I didn’t have time to be sad or lonely, Little Man needed me.

And I grew to need him. When his family told me they were moving, my world shook. His mother is one of my very favorite people, someone I can go to at any time of day or night when I needed someone to listen. His dad, well, that’s a whole story of its own. He was the worship leader at our church and without knowing it, had changed my entire world. I will never sing a worship song without hearing his voice in my head. He also helped me see how I sometimes took life too seriously. Little Man’s big brother G was one of my very first students and he helped me learn how to talk to little people. He reminded me that they really aren’t just little adults.

All together that family was a touchstone for me. They left. I cried. I was happy for them, truly and sincerely. They were living their dream. But I was sad.


We have kept in touch and they came to town to visit everyone. We were there early and when Little Man came in, he saw me, yelled “Kiss” and jumped from his dad’s arms to run across the restaurant to me.  I laughed and hugged and kissed and squeezed him!!! He filled my heart with sunshine one more time.


Thank you, Little Man! Kiss will always love you.


Queen’s Rule- Take the time to talk to a little one. You many be amazed at what you learn.