What? You didn’t know there was another world? Well, you have a lot to learn!

There are actually countless other worlds. Each one a story of its own. Each one a book.


Yes, a book. I am an unapologetic reader of books. I am not a super fast reader, or a  super deep reader, but I am a proud reader. I can get completely lost in the world of a book.

My current tome? Seven Stones to Stand or Fall by Diana Gabaldon. She has created a world in which I have spent approximately 8,000 pages of time!  That’s a bit of a commitment!


The Outlander series has trapped me in its magical swirls of imagination, history, and creativity. I have recommended this first book (and by chance, the series) to several people. Everyone who has ever read the first one at my suggestion, has read them all. They are amazing!


So, today is a short note. I have several hours of unplanned time, an icy cold beverage, a shady seat on the patio, a patient husband, and a magical journey waiting for me.


Queen’s Rule for the Day:  Put down your phone and pick up a book. I PROMISE it will be a good thing!