Rule #205


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We have a lot of squirrels in our back yard.

They have turf wars in the trees…. running up one tree, jumping to the next. Down, across the yard to the roof and around and around. All the while making their crazy chattering barking sound.

They drive our kitties, Severus and Perry crazy!

We put some stale bread out today. Quite a sight.  A squirrel climbing a tree with an entire slice of bread in its mouth!

squirrelfeed squirrelhug squirrelkiss squirrelplank thquirrel

Rule #205- Feed your squirrels!

Rule #204


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The day after Valentine’s Day….

If I wanted to kill myself with kindness, I would hit the discount sales on left over chocolates.  I think I will pass.  I got a nice number of chocolates from my sweeties at home and my kidlets at school.  Just enough!

Today is Friday so it is time for some funnies….

cutezombie daryll zombiebed zombiebrain zombieproofatat handb r2d2 starsupper starwar tracks

Decided to do a Zombie/Star Wars theme today… those are the pictures I collect the most of!

Rule #204- Avoid the chocolate sales- you will thank me later!

Rule #203


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I know, I know… I have been a very lacksidazical leader of late.

How are people supposed to know how to act without The Queen’s Rules?

It is a beautiful, sunshiny day here in South Texas…. It is very odd to watch all of the snowstorm preparation going on in the Northeast… It makes me feel off kilter.  I grew up in The Land of Snow.  I escaped as soon as I could.

The magic required to make a day like today is equal to the magic of unicorns… I ❤ unicorns!

rhinocorn unicorn unicorn2 unicorn3 unicorn4 unicorn5

So, if you are in Snow Land- stay home, stay warm and be safe. If you are anywhere else- congratulations!

Rule #203- Always be the unicorn!

Rule #202


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This was on my FB newsfeed today.

I am a very loving, generous and kind person.  I believe that people can change and that in the right circumstances, we can forgive.

These are not those circumstances.  It’s situations like this one that make me very happy that I am not in God’s place.  I don’t have to forgive this man- and it’s a good thing for him.  If I were truly in charge of the world- this would not be an issue as I would have had him executed on the spot.

From KSAT news…

The new judge in the Fort Hood shooting case is set to decide whether to spare Maj. Nidal Hasan the death penalty and let him plead guilty in the worst mass shooting on a U.S. military installation. Paul Venema is at the hearing today. READ MORE –>

The new judge in the Fort Hood shooting case is set to decide whether to spare Maj. Nidal Hasan the death penalty and let him plead guilty in the worst mass shooting on a U.S. military installation. Paul Venema is at the hearing today.
Rule #202- It is not the Queen’s job to forgive-

Rule #201


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Yay! Friday has arrived!

I actually had a great week. My kidlets at school were all happy, healthy and humorous.

The food at our house was yummy delicious (except last night- Buttercup and I felt the results were sub-par and ate cereal for supper. Pirate Redbeard liked the original dish and got to eat seconds and thirds!)

My friend, Kitty, and her hubby were super generous this week.  They had “very good” seats at a San Antonio Spurs game for this Saturday and were unable to go.  They offered the tickets to us and we are going!


We are not huge sports fans, but a live NBA game is always fun! I am excited (and grateful!)

This mood will inform my choices for Friday Funnies….


What a happy, feel good kind of elephant!


I may not be your cup of tea…. but I am a great cup of tea!


Poor Cat Mommy- no respect!


Love me some Downton Abbey!


It’s all about perspective!


Not mine- I have earned a treat at the game tomorrow!


This is just funny to me!



So- enjoy your weekend!! And Go Spurs Go!

Rule #201- If you have any tickets to Rodeo, Spurs or anything else that you aren’t using- call the Queen!

Rule #200


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Wow! Rule #200! That snuck up on me!

I have fallen out of the habit of blogging regularly- I don’t do it enough to satisfy me…. so it’s not enough.

I have also fallen out of the habit of suggesting rules, that if followed, would truly make the world a better place.

As I was driving through a neighboring neighborhood (nice!) today I noticed that the backyard fences that faced the road were all torn up.

fence2 fence1

These are worse than what I saw, but you get the idea.  If you live in a neighborhood like ours- every house has a fenced back yard.  They are mostly wooden and very hard to keep in good shape.  It makes really nice neighborhoods and homes look terrible.

Have the Home Owner’s Associations (Rule Makers!) never heard of the Broken Window Theory?  Run down fences make the whole place look bad!

I think that any fences running down the street should be maintained by the HOA and made of something much more durable and consistent.


That looks SO much better.

Rule #200- Like it or not- fenced yards are a fact of life in a lot of places.  Make them uniform and keep them well maintained if you are going to insist on them.


Rule #199


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Friday again? I don’t know where the time goes.  I honestly intended to post more than once a week… but it keeps sneeking up on me.


This week has been mid-terms week in our school district.  That is a lot of studying and work for high school and middle school students… especially ones in all advanced classes…


I think I will take Buttercup to a movie when I pick her up today to celebrate.  Not sure what we will see, but it doesn’t really matter.  As long as I get a drink so big I can hardly lift it and a little bit of popcorn, I’ll be good!


So- now for your Friday Funnies….

unsupervised up wedding winerescue wol zumba

Rule #199-  Midterm exams shall be out ruled in The Queen’s World

Rule #198


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It’s Friday. The sky is mostly blue. I don’t have to cook dinner tonight. My kitties went for check ups and got good report cards. Life is good.

I did get sad news yesterday- 2 kinds- our football coach is leaving and going to Texas Tech.  We are very happy for him in this opportunity, but sad for us.  The even much more sadder news is that my friend and co-worker (I will call her Kitty)- is moving.   In June she will move to OKC- that means I won’t get to drink coffee and visit with her any more. 😦 Poor me.

So- now that I am thinking sad thoughts, I need some Friday Funnies to get myself back up…


This one is Buttercup wearing her favorite t-shirt a Darth Vader sugar skull!

batsignal catlove clownspider coneofshame darthprincess deer glitterchicken laughitup makeup montypython rockin

So- now that everyone is happy and smiling- have a Royal weekend!

Rule #198- Don’t try to put two cats in the same carrier unless you are wearing long sleeves!

Rule #197


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Another gray and yucky looking day…

These are the days that try my spirit- I am a naturally sunny person but even I can get squirrely…

I made some yummy soup for dinner tonight. I turned my music up LOUD and sang along.  Luckily for all of you, only my cats could hear me!

funky glee singing singingbadly souls

The last one was just to see if you were paying attention!

The one about the artist getting the song wrong makes me think of something that happened several years ago.

We had just started going to our current church.  We had never heard any of the songs that the worship team played. We fell in love with the church and the music.  After a while I started to listen to some of the music on the radio and heard some of these same songs.  Of course, the original artist didn’t sing it exactly the same way as CC and our worship team- they were wrong on the radio!  It was quite a while before I learned to like any of the radio versions- they weren’t the way that CC sang them.

Anyway… I need to go find some sunshine for my soul- even if it’s just a picture!

Rle #197- Turn the music up and dance along!

Rule #196


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Yuck! It is the last real day of break 😦

I have been so content for the last 2 weeks… no alarm clock, no schedules. I cooked when I wanted to , we slept, read, played, talked, did nothing all when we wanted to. Don’t worry, work got done, just not in any hurry and not in isolation.

To top off the yuck factor is the weather today. I don’t mind a little bit of cold- but this grey, overcast, heavy, wet, rainy stuff has GOT to go.  I need sunshine!  (Especially grateful that Buttercup is old enough to not be crying to go outside!)

So, I am going to post my Friday Funny and it will have a theme… a theme that makes me happy. (Yes, one of my resolutions is “mostly plants” but only mostly!)

baconfries baconrifle baconsmell blt breakfast omgbacon

and one extra that is the reminder I need on occasion…


So, if you are somewhere that the sun is shining, I am jealous. If you are somewhere that there is snow on the ground, I am not jealous.  If you can figure out how to make today last for another week or so- I will pay you!

Rule #196- Enjoy the down time with your favorite people. You might just remember why they’re your favorite people!