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The Queen loves music. I sing and dance- everywhere all the time. No, I am not very good at either. It doesn’t matter. Royalty has perks.

During the course of my work I push a shopping cart around, up and down aisles just like in a store. In the seat of my cart is my musical device and a portable speaker.

The Queen's Musical Device is shiny and pink

The Queen’s Musical Device is shiny and pink

As I walk up and down and back and forth, my music changes. It changes a lot. I prefer to put my playlists on shuffle. I can go from Christmas music to opera to worship to Broadway. It keeps me entertained and keeps the other Booksellers guessing.

Today I heard, in order:


Madeline Peyroux


Pink Floyd


Garth Brooks


It makes my royal heart go pitter pat when a song I love comes on. A song that I am not familiar with makes me happy too. I just love it all.

Today’s rule is that there shall be music playing whenever the Queen is about..

Royal Proclamation: Tell me some of your favorites- I am always on the look out for new (to me) artists.