The Queen loves flowers. Flowers and plants of all kinds are fascinating to me. I can’t really grow anything or keep much alive… but I appreciate the hell out of them!


As we age, we change. I think the core of who we are stays the same, but the ways in which we express and exhibit and honestly admit our characteristics and personalities is ever evolving.


I look at the world differently than most people. This is something that I don’t just accept, but appreciate. Now.


My life is lived at a slower pace than most people’s. Things that are overlooked by most are what is most likely to catch my eye.


To celebrate this quirk of mine, Redbeard gifted me with a camera for my birthday. More importantly, he has taken me out a few times on photo safaris!


This past Sunday was spent at a local wildflower center. Even in the middle of summer here on the Face of the Sun, these people had flowers. It was stunning.


Scattered throughout is just a tiny percentage of the pictures I took. My most fervent wish is that someone will take a moment and just lose themselves in one and live their lives just a little more slowly, even if it’s just for a minute.


Queen’s Rule: Don’t walk past the little details.