The Queen is a royal list maker. I can’t live without my lists.


I make a list every day of what needs to be accomplished.


These lists can be very detailed. The more steps I put on my list, the more things I can cross off.  I don’t just write “laundry”; I write sort laundry, collect empty hangers, fold, and put away laundry.  It keeps it from being a huge and overwhelming task.


I know a lot of people make that kind of list. If only that were the only kind of list I made- but no!


There is a list of what to take every time we go camping, a list of restaurants we want to try, a list of what I need at Costco, and a list of British TV shows I want to watch.


What books have I read? Let me check my list.

Have I heard of the new cocktail bar downtown? Let me check my list.

Which cities are y’all considering for next road trip? Let me check my list.

If you want it to be done at my house, be sure it is on the list.

Sometimes I feel like it is a personality disorder, but it is mine and it works for me.

Queen’s Rule: If you do something that is not on your list, be sure to add it so you can cross it off!