What to do…

The Queen is a royal list maker. I can’t live without my lists.


I make a list every day of what needs to be accomplished.


These lists can be very detailed. The more steps I put on my list, the more things I can cross off.  I don’t just write “laundry”; I write sort laundry, collect empty hangers, fold, and put away laundry.  It keeps it from being a huge and overwhelming task.


I know a lot of people make that kind of list. If only that were the only kind of list I made- but no!


There is a list of what to take every time we go camping, a list of restaurants we want to try, a list of what I need at Costco, and a list of British TV shows I want to watch.


What books have I read? Let me check my list.

Have I heard of the new cocktail bar downtown? Let me check my list.

Which cities are y’all considering for next road trip? Let me check my list.

If you want it to be done at my house, be sure it is on the list.

Sometimes I feel like it is a personality disorder, but it is mine and it works for me.

Queen’s Rule: If you do something that is not on your list, be sure to add it so you can cross it off!

The Flora and the Fauna

The Queen loves flowers. Flowers and plants of all kinds are fascinating to me. I can’t really grow anything or keep much alive… but I appreciate the hell out of them!


As we age, we change. I think the core of who we are stays the same, but the ways in which we express and exhibit and honestly admit our characteristics and personalities is ever evolving.


I look at the world differently than most people. This is something that I don’t just accept, but appreciate. Now.


My life is lived at a slower pace than most people’s. Things that are overlooked by most are what is most likely to catch my eye.


To celebrate this quirk of mine, Redbeard gifted me with a camera for my birthday. More importantly, he has taken me out a few times on photo safaris!


This past Sunday was spent at a local wildflower center. Even in the middle of summer here on the Face of the Sun, these people had flowers. It was stunning.


Scattered throughout is just a tiny percentage of the pictures I took. My most fervent wish is that someone will take a moment and just lose themselves in one and live their lives just a little more slowly, even if it’s just for a minute.


Queen’s Rule: Don’t walk past the little details.


Date Weekend

This past weekend was very people-y. The Queen has some problems with things that are too people-y.  I love my people, but too many “other people” can make me nervous and tired. There were a lot of people this weekend… but I handled it… mostly!


Pirate Redbeard took me to Austin for 2 nights to spend some time together with no responsibilities, chores, cooking, etc. The emphasis of the weekend was on foods and breweries. Both of which are high on our list of  important things.

We started with a restaurant owned by a former Top Chef contestant. (The Queen is a closet “celebrity chef” stalker.) It was delicious and just the right start. They specialized in  small plates so we got to try lots of things….


We stopped at a few bars on the way back to hotel, lots of live music and fun groups along the way. Our very favorite was San Jac. We only went there because one of the owners is an actor on a TV show called Supernatural. The Princess Buttercup is a huge fan and wanted us to check it out. It ended up having a fantastic live band and a great atmosphere. We stayed for a couple of hours and had a great time.


The next day involved 4 breweries, 2 restaurants, a food truck, 2 bars, and a slice of cheese pizza eaten in the back of a pedicab. Oh, and almost 9 miles of walking.


And lots and lots of people.

Saturday dawned and we went for biscuits and gravy at another food truck… and let me tell you! I could have spent the day soaking in that gravy! There were a few more adventures on the way home, but those can be another story.



Queen’s Rule…. Know your limits….. and push them!

Selling Yourself


As I have mentioned before, The Queen has many facets. One of those facets is a 3-year-old! No, I don’t have a three-year old, I am a three year old. It’s one of my favorite facets!

In the workaday world, I am the director of a kids day out program.  The more fun the grown-ups have, the more fun the kidlets have. Easy peasy.


Part of the director’s job is recruiting new students/families. It’s one of the hardest parts for me to do. I love my job, I love my program, I believe in what we do… but talking to people I don’t know is really hard.

I stop, pray, and breathe before I put on my smile and open the door.  As a rule, it goes really well. Eventually, my goal is to stop worrying about it!

But those kidlets? I could talk to them all day. I love them to bits. They make my heart happy. They also tell you exactly what they think!


I think today went well. All I can do now is wait and see. Things have a way of working out in the end!

Rule from the Queen: Believe in yourself.


The Queen, like all precious jewels, has many facets.

Once of those facets is quite piratical.


Nice, right?

Going to the Renaissance Festival is one of my very favorite things. It is truly my happy place.

I am the Polite Pirate Queen. I tried being a rough, rude pirate but it just didn’t work for me. So, Polite Pirate it is.


Once you start building a wardrobe of garb, you can’t stop. One piece leads to another leads to another. A scarf here, a cup there, a lantern on the belt.

Today, the Queen’s mother agreed to make some new pieces. I want to change it up a little every weekend to match the themes. We found additions for Highland Fling and 1001 Dreams. I am so excited to see how they turn out.


So, even though I have to wait until the end of September to go to RenFest…. I can dream and plan and prepare.

One last picture of the current garb to hold me over….


Queen’s Rule of the Day- Find your happy place and be sure to dress appropriately!



This is not going to be about what you think it’s going to be about!

Kiss is a nickname of mine. Only 1 person in the world is allowed to use it. It comes from a sweet little man, then 2 years old, not being able to say my name right. He put the beginning and the end together and made “Kiss”. He sealed the deal on my forever love in that moment.

My little man moved away at the first of the year. I was devastated. I spent 3 days a week loving on him and he made me a better person.



After Princess Buttercup left for college, I was adrift. No one needed me the way she had. No one wanted me to take care of them like that. I got a new part-time job caring for this little man and he healed me. He needed me to be there, fully present, all the time. We had important things to accomplish. We had slides to slide, fish to visit, books to read, and legos to build. We had flowers to count and lunches to share… seriously, sometimes he ate more of my lunch than I did! I didn’t have time to be sad or lonely, Little Man needed me.

And I grew to need him. When his family told me they were moving, my world shook. His mother is one of my very favorite people, someone I can go to at any time of day or night when I needed someone to listen. His dad, well, that’s a whole story of its own. He was the worship leader at our church and without knowing it, had changed my entire world. I will never sing a worship song without hearing his voice in my head. He also helped me see how I sometimes took life too seriously. Little Man’s big brother G was one of my very first students and he helped me learn how to talk to little people. He reminded me that they really aren’t just little adults.

All together that family was a touchstone for me. They left. I cried. I was happy for them, truly and sincerely. They were living their dream. But I was sad.


We have kept in touch and they came to town to visit everyone. We were there early and when Little Man came in, he saw me, yelled “Kiss” and jumped from his dad’s arms to run across the restaurant to me.  I laughed and hugged and kissed and squeezed him!!! He filled my heart with sunshine one more time.


Thank you, Little Man! Kiss will always love you.


Queen’s Rule- Take the time to talk to a little one. You many be amazed at what you learn.

The Other World

What? You didn’t know there was another world? Well, you have a lot to learn!

There are actually countless other worlds. Each one a story of its own. Each one a book.


Yes, a book. I am an unapologetic reader of books. I am not a super fast reader, or a  super deep reader, but I am a proud reader. I can get completely lost in the world of a book.

My current tome? Seven Stones to Stand or Fall by Diana Gabaldon. She has created a world in which I have spent approximately 8,000 pages of time!  That’s a bit of a commitment!


The Outlander series has trapped me in its magical swirls of imagination, history, and creativity. I have recommended this first book (and by chance, the series) to several people. Everyone who has ever read the first one at my suggestion, has read them all. They are amazing!


So, today is a short note. I have several hours of unplanned time, an icy cold beverage, a shady seat on the patio, a patient husband, and a magical journey waiting for me.


Queen’s Rule for the Day:  Put down your phone and pick up a book. I PROMISE it will be a good thing!

Crowning Glory

Today I visited the Royal Beautician. She is a lovely lady of unending talents. She has been caring for the hairs on the heads of The Queen and Princess Buttercup for about 10 years now. More recently, Herself has also benefited from her talents.


As The Queen, I try not to focus too much on my outward appearances. It is more important to me that the sunshine radiate from my face than that I get my make up just right.  I have always believed that a beautiful heart and loving soul will cause the world to see past physical imperfections.


I am still a bit of a girly girl.  I love to see the look on Redbeard’s face when I dress up for date night or the sunlight hits me just right and he just looks at me. I won’t deny the desire to be found beautiful by the one I love, but other than him…..


I much prefer that you find me a beautiful person.


Queen’s Rule of the day: It truly is what’s inside that counts.

For your consideration

This has been running though the back of my mind for a long time. To wrtie or not to wrtie. It seems self-centered and weird in some ways. In other ways, it is a way for my fellow weirdos to know they are not alone and it gives me a way to get things off my chest.


So, I have decided to dip my toes back into the blogosphere waters.


I will start  with something simple: food.  Lol! There is nothing simple about food. It is one of the most complicated subjects in the world.

Some people eat no carbs. Others, no meat. There are those who live on junk alone and somehow survive. I have seen a grocery cart full of veggies, protein powder and coconut water in line for a casheir. Behind her in line was a cart full of cheese doodles, sodas, and hot dogs.  It is amazing really.


The Queen has been on a journey of self improvment lately. I know, I know… it’s hard to believe. Even Royalty can be improved.


Clean Eating is now the norm in our realm. All the fruits and veggies you could ever eat, lean meats, whole grains, and water, water, water.  I try to focus on the positive… all the things we can have. Eggs, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, berries, steak, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. I am fully aware of all of the foods on the “don’t” list; sugar, white flour, any processed foods.

Mind you, I said that clean eating is the norm. There is always room in the Queen’s world for special circumstances! Princess Buttercup started her full time job- pizza and beer!  The Queen’s birthday- wings and beer. Redbeard’s Father’s  Day dinner- fish and chips and beer!


It is a learning process. Some people live on repetition: the same meals/foods over and over. I am not one of those people. I need a list of things from which to choose. So, I learn, day  by day, what works for us. Next meal for me: grilled chicken breast on a giant sald with homemade salsa for dressing. And of course, WATER.

So,  I may be back. Well, I have always been here but I may have decided to write about it again!

Today’s rule: Eat well.

Remember that everything you put in your body matters. You are worth the effort.


Dancing With the Queen


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The Queen loves music. I sing and dance- everywhere all the time. No, I am not very good at either. It doesn’t matter. Royalty has perks.

During the course of my work I push a shopping cart around, up and down aisles just like in a store. In the seat of my cart is my musical device and a portable speaker.

The Queen's Musical Device is shiny and pink

The Queen’s Musical Device is shiny and pink

As I walk up and down and back and forth, my music changes. It changes a lot. I prefer to put my playlists on shuffle. I can go from Christmas music to opera to worship to Broadway. It keeps me entertained and keeps the other Booksellers guessing.

Today I heard, in order:


Madeline Peyroux


Pink Floyd


Garth Brooks


It makes my royal heart go pitter pat when a song I love comes on. A song that I am not familiar with makes me happy too. I just love it all.

Today’s rule is that there shall be music playing whenever the Queen is about..

Royal Proclamation: Tell me some of your favorites- I am always on the look out for new (to me) artists.