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The Royal Unfamily is a collection of my most favorite people in the whole world.

Some of these people are actually, by definition, family. Others are not. So I just decided to make them my unfamily.


The Pirate Redbeard, Princess Buttercup and I tend to adopt people.  We are lucky enough to leave near some of our unfamily; Herself and Sassenach, for example. Unfortunately, some of them do not spend much time in the physical realm of the Queendom.  We still love them! The best example is our Army family Sister Kelly, Brother, E, and their beautiful girls Sunshine and Sparkles. I think they were the first unfamily members that we adopted. (Of course, there were no little girls then!)


I love the fact that our lives have grown to include people that need us. We certainly need them.Spending time with people who love you, accept you and enjoy you just the way you are is the most gratifying feeling ever.


The Queen declares that all Unfamilies shall find time to celebrate their most special bond….