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I know that it is hard to believe, but even royalty must, at times, be a part of the workforce.

The Queen has a job in a book warehouse- We shall call it The Bookseller. All of the employees of The Bookseller work to create the magical experience that is a school book fair.


Do you remember when you were a child and walked into the school library to find these?


Magic, pure magic! This is what The Queen gets to do during the school year. I fill these magic cases up with books and sent them on their way. 

Today was my first day back after summer vacation. It almost killed me. I have a tired back, sore shoulder, achy hands and most painful: tired feet.


I have always believed that the other Booksellers and I walked a lot of miles during the course of a day. At  the behest of my coworker and Friend, Sassenach, I wore a pedometer to work today.


In just under 7 hours, I walked more than 4 miles… just going back and forth to fill the cases. It was a magic kind of miracle. 4 miles without even trying. Add the stretching, lifting, carrying and pushing and pretty soon my legs are going to be their own kind of magic!



Of course, with this as a before photo….. what more can be done?

Just kidding, my legs will never look like that because The Queen’s legs are much shorter than that! However, I see powerful, shapely calves in my future.

So, to conclude, The Queen is tired. Bone tired. More importantly, The Queen is happy to be back to work with Sassenach and the Booksellers that have become her friends. Routine, activity and feeling useful are all very good things. An even better thing is making a difference, one case of magic at a time.

The Queen declares that tired feet and achy hands are, in fact, good for you! Now, go read a book!