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This weekend, the Pirate Redbeard made a very wise decision. He took the Queen on a date. A real, dress up, grown ups only kind of date. 



Obviously, these people are not nearly as good looking as the Pirate Redbeard and I….

We went to a restaurant that is run by the CIA- no, not THAT CIA! The Culinary Institutes of America. It is a student run restaurant featuring South American foods. Trendy, fun, foodie, different; all the things the Queen likes in a restaurant.


Each of us ordered different things so that we could taste two different dishes. This always sounds like a good idea. It usually IS a good idea. 

Some of you may not be aware of this, but mushrooms are of the devil.

Mushroom of DEATH

Mushroom of DEATH

The very thought of a piece of mushroom passing through the royal lips is just shudder inducing. I mean, I really, really don’t like mushrooms. I read menu descriptions scrupulously in search of hidden fungus. Redbeard loves mushrooms. It is truly his biggest fault. I have learned to live with it. He only eats the devil’s fungus away from home.


Neither Redbeard’s or my dish had mushrooms listed on the menu. Both dishes contained mushrooms. Devastation! 

Luckily, mine were all bunched together in a bouquet of sorts on top and easily removed. Redbeard’s were hiding underneath, but he found them before I tasted anything. 

All in all, it was a great dining experience. We would go back and try more yummies. I will just ask a lot of questions first.

Really, who would hide the fact that you are putting mushrooms in my food? Do I need a Royal Taster? Any takers?

The newest rule in the Queendom: All ingredients shall be disclosed upon the Royal Menu. There will be no hidden surprises in the Queen’s food. All mushrooms must be declared.