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There is much change afoot in the Queendom. New schools, new houses and new businesses.


Mostly, the Queen approves.

Schools are always a good idea, as long as we can continue to pay our teachers like the professionals they are.  Houses are getting a little bit out of hand…. the infrastructure of our little town is getting seriously overwhelmed. The most exciting part of new construction is the new businesses.


There are shopping centers and restaurants being built all around. This is good for our tax base, of course. More importantly, it means less time in the car for the Queen. The more choices I have close by, the less driving I have to do. Better all the way around.

The signs on all the buildings just tell me the name of the bank that is financing or the plumbing company that is contracted. I don’t care one little bit…..

I want to know what the building is going to be!


Is it something cool? A new dress shop, a 1/2 price book store, a vegetarian restaurant, a record store? Or is it yet another dry cleaner, nail place, chain chicken shack or insurance office. This inquiring mind wants to know. 

If the Queen ruled the world: All buildings under construction would have signs announcing what they are going to be. 


In the meanwhile: I will keep my fingers crossed for this ^ to happen!