The Queen has returned to the realm.


And there was much rejoicing in the land

I know that most of you thought I had absconded with the treasury. Some of you may not have noticed I was missing. Either way, I am still here.


Recently, some “major life changes” have been going on in my world. I decided to use them as a reason to return to the blogosphere.




One of these changes has been health related. Nothing life threatening, but pretty major. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in worrying about our outsides, that we forget how important the insides are. Even the Queen is not immune to this idea…
It really changes the way I look at everything. No more Royal bacon cheeseburgers, no more diet soda (that almost killed me!), no more sugar. Oy and vey!  All the new rules give me something to focus on and a positive goal. I have seen progress already. The Royal Physician should be happy the next time I see her- if not, her head will roll and I shall replace her! Change is good. It keeps us young. Other things in my life are conspiring to make me old, so this is good!

I will get to other life changes if I decide to proceed…. such as Buttercup deciding that she had to grow up and the Pirate Redbeard fulfilling some of my wildest dreams!

Yes, my writing is out of practice. My royal proofreader and editor have both left the Queendom and I must carry on alone. You are good and faithful followers. You will be patient with me.

For now…


Rule #1a (I think it has been long enough for me to start over):

By Royal Decree: All inhabitants of the Queen’s World shall henceforth and forever take care of their insides!