I guess I got in a funk…. felt like I had nothing to say.
I don’t know if it was a lack of confidence, laziness or letting other things get away from me.
I do know that I have missed “talking”‘to yáll. I think I was putting other people’s needs in front of mine. I know that you have never heard of a wife/mother doing that before~!

We spent this weekend making a tv show. Not a real one, mind you. Buttercup had an assignment for Spanish class to make a cooking video. Her teacher was kind enough to include vegetarian recipes in the choices. She chose a tortilla soup recipe. We had a lot of fun- Redbeard was the cameraman, I was the scriptgirl and cooking supervisor.

Here is her finished product… Well, this is where I would put the finished product. WordPress says I can’t post video… oh well. It’s on my FB page if anyone wants to see it.

I will post a picture from my newest obsession instead.


Rule #207- Don’t let the fact that you have nothing to say, keep you from talking!