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Wow! Rule #200! That snuck up on me!

I have fallen out of the habit of blogging regularly- I don’t do it enough to satisfy me…. so it’s not enough.

I have also fallen out of the habit of suggesting rules, that if followed, would truly make the world a better place.

As I was driving through a neighboring neighborhood (nice!) today I noticed that the backyard fences that faced the road were all torn up.

fence2 fence1

These are worse than what I saw, but you get the idea.  If you live in a neighborhood like ours- every house has a fenced back yard.  They are mostly wooden and very hard to keep in good shape.  It makes really nice neighborhoods and homes look terrible.

Have the Home Owner’s Associations (Rule Makers!) never heard of the Broken Window Theory?  Run down fences make the whole place look bad!

I think that any fences running down the street should be maintained by the HOA and made of something much more durable and consistent.


That looks SO much better.

Rule #200- Like it or not- fenced yards are a fact of life in a lot of places.  Make them uniform and keep them well maintained if you are going to insist on them.