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It’s Friday. The sky is mostly blue. I don’t have to cook dinner tonight. My kitties went for check ups and got good report cards. Life is good.

I did get sad news yesterday- 2 kinds- our football coach is leaving and going to Texas Tech.  We are very happy for him in this opportunity, but sad for us.  The even much more sadder news is that my friend and co-worker (I will call her Kitty)- is moving.   In June she will move to OKC- that means I won’t get to drink coffee and visit with her any more. 😦 Poor me.

So- now that I am thinking sad thoughts, I need some Friday Funnies to get myself back up…


This one is Buttercup wearing her favorite t-shirt a Darth Vader sugar skull!

batsignal catlove clownspider coneofshame darthprincess deer glitterchicken laughitup makeup montypython rockin

So- now that everyone is happy and smiling- have a Royal weekend!

Rule #198- Don’t try to put two cats in the same carrier unless you are wearing long sleeves!