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Another gray and yucky looking day…

These are the days that try my spirit- I am a naturally sunny person but even I can get squirrely…

I made some yummy soup for dinner tonight. I turned my music up LOUD and sang along.  Luckily for all of you, only my cats could hear me!

funky glee singing singingbadly souls

The last one was just to see if you were paying attention!

The one about the artist getting the song wrong makes me think of something that happened several years ago.

We had just started going to our current church.  We had never heard any of the songs that the worship team played. We fell in love with the church and the music.  After a while I started to listen to some of the music on the radio and heard some of these same songs.  Of course, the original artist didn’t sing it exactly the same way as CC and our worship team- they were wrong on the radio!  It was quite a while before I learned to like any of the radio versions- they weren’t the way that CC sang them.

Anyway… I need to go find some sunshine for my soul- even if it’s just a picture!

Rle #197- Turn the music up and dance along!