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Yuck! It is the last real day of break 😦

I have been so content for the last 2 weeks… no alarm clock, no schedules. I cooked when I wanted to , we slept, read, played, talked, did nothing all when we wanted to. Don’t worry, work got done, just not in any hurry and not in isolation.

To top off the yuck factor is the weather today. I don’t mind a little bit of cold- but this grey, overcast, heavy, wet, rainy stuff has GOT to go.  I need sunshine!  (Especially grateful that Buttercup is old enough to not be crying to go outside!)

So, I am going to post my Friday Funny and it will have a theme… a theme that makes me happy. (Yes, one of my resolutions is “mostly plants” but only mostly!)

baconfries baconrifle baconsmell blt breakfast omgbacon

and one extra that is the reminder I need on occasion…


So, if you are somewhere that the sun is shining, I am jealous. If you are somewhere that there is snow on the ground, I am not jealous.  If you can figure out how to make today last for another week or so- I will pay you!

Rule #196- Enjoy the down time with your favorite people. You might just remember why they’re your favorite people!