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Happy New Year from the Queen’s World!

Normally, The Queen does not make resolutions- what is there to improve?!

I decided that I do have some areas in my life that could use some tweaking- a little wiggling around to make things fit better….


This is my first one- it also entails another of his quotes that says “Don’t eat anything that is incapable of rotting”

I had other listed, that once I really thought about them, I discovered that they are part of a greater whole:


winepouring kind fellowship dinner birthday card

The parts are… being more social- Buttercup, Redbeard and I definitely prefer our own company.  We need to spend time with other people more often.

Drinking more wine- with other people if necessary!

Making an effort with people who are not my favorite- but I need to spend time with.  I decided that I can’t change them, but I can change how I react to them.

Birthday greetings on a regular basis.

I guess that means- other than eating a healthier array of foods- I am going to try to be as nice as people tend to think I am!

If all else fails…

I can just continue to be my own weird self...

I can just continue to be my own weird self…

Rule #195- However you start your year, remember it is page one of a 365 page book….