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It’s Friday. The world did not end. I, for one, am not surprised.  There is too much good left in the world for it to end….

Good? Yes, good. For all the bad that is out there, good is still winning.

The high school which is attended by my own Princess Buttercup was on the local news this week because one of her classmates made a bad judgement call.  In a group discussion about what could happen to end the world- he said maybe someone would enter our lunchroom and start shooting kids in the lunch line.  He has been arrested for making a false alarm/threat.  A lot of kids and parents were really upset and scared.  The boy did say something stupid, but he did not say HE was going to do it or that someone should do it.  I will continue to trust in God, the police and the school and send my Princess to school.  I refuse to let fear interrupt our lives.

Princess Buttercup has a half day at school today (unrelated to Mayans), so I have a lot to do in less time. That’s ok though- It will get done or not get done.

I am quite loopy on cold meds- that’s one excuse for the randomness this morning:

beauty catnip cloud cookingtv fame force lions liquor normalThe last one is especially important around here.  We keep up a good front- but people would be surprised!

Rule #194- Be careful what you say and listen carefully to what other say.