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Today is St Nicholas Day!

stnickWe lived in Germany for almost 5 years.  We were there while Buttercup was in full magical thinking/believing mode.  We had a lot of fun!

In Germany, children put out a boot the night before St Nick’s Day and include their letter to the Christkindt. (The Christ Child bestows gifts- St Nick is his helper).

lettertosantaWe always wrote to Santa.  When she was little, we put out her winter boot. Here on the face of the sun, this is what we use

bootEvery single year she wakes to find a chocolate orange in her boot…

orangeIn the past, there has been one Christmas book, one Christmas movie and one Christmas CD.  This grew us a nice collection over the years.

garthreindeerelfThis year she got a book called Viral Storm : Dawn of a New Pandemic Age Times have changed! She also got a Jason Mraz cd and a promise to go to a movie.

This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas- because it is ours.

Happy St Nicholas Day to all of you in the Queen’s World.

Rule #189- Find a boot and fill it with love!