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Today is one of those days when my commitment to my child is tested.  Our last full day of Thanksgiving break (weekends don’t count, we get those any way) and we get to spend it with the band going to a football game.

She has to be there before 10:30- that’s when she has been waking up this week! Even worse is the fact that she can’t march due to a knee injury…. I must love my kid and she must be dedicated to her band!

Oh, the joy of supporting a football team that has been to the State Championship the last 2 years- If I am correct, they have lost one game in 3 years…

So, while I go bake the cookies for the band kids on my bus (Yes, they already swear they are signing up for my bus next year!)- Enjoy some sillies….

Face it, I am not as nice as most people think I am!


Have a fantastic Friday-

Rule #186- Show your kids your dedication while you can!