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So, we went to the pie party today… it was delish (shocker!)

I made a Triple Chocolate S’More Pie…. OMG!!!!

I failed to take a picture and received the ultimate compliment of an empty pie plate when we left.  Check out the recipe above. Trust me- it is fantastic.

I admit, it took me two tries on the topping. The first time under the broiler, the marshmallows caught fire.  I opened the oven and flames peeked out.  I did not react professionally- I called “Redbeard, it’s on fire! Tell me what to do!”

He heard the actual emergency in my voice and jumped. He of course, saved the day. (He is the fire marshall on a local military base after all!)

The burnt topping came off whole- I added more marshmallows and tried again.  It was perfect!

So now we are drinking wine (not Buttercup!) and enjoying doing nothing productive.

I chose to cause laughter throughout the Queen’s World~

So- Wacky Wednesday it is!

Rule #185- Try the pie- it’s delicious!