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I admit it- I went to the newest Twilight movie this weekend. I even admit that is wasn’t horrible.  I enjoyed my movie time.

It all started in a “good mom” moment when Buttercup was in 5th grade.  By the way, that seems like it was yesterday and like it was 25 years ago at the same time!

She wanted to read the first Twilight book.  When she told me it was about vampires, I told her I would have to read it first to determine if it was age appropriate.  It was addictive to me.  I couldn’t stop! I ran through books 1 and 2 which were out in paperback.  I then broke one of my cardinal rules and bought 3 and 4 in hardcover- at an airport! They are very quick reads and I couldn’t run out while somewhere over Kentucky!

Yes, Buttercup was just as hooked.

Once the movies started coming out- we went to those together as well.

I have always been a big fan of doing things with my Buttercup-

This is an old picture of us- she is 6 inches taller than I am now!


I think that these books and movies came along at just the right time for us.  She was old enough to enjoy something I could enjoy. It gave us a kick off for some good conversations (Bella and Edward WAITED until they were married!) and built one more connection for us.

I can feel our time slipping away as she grows more independent and intelligent and outgoing. She will someday conquer the world and leave Twilight behind.

What other kind of hourglass would a Queen choose? 🙂

I just pray that all of the bridges we have built will keep her connected to me.

Rule #184- To Buttercup- Don’t be a Bella!