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Funny story from yesterday….

It has been 3 years since we had the chimney sweep come out and check out our fireplace and chimney.  Being big believers in “safety first” we set up an appointment before having our first fire of the season.

I sang Chim Chiminey Chim Chim Cheroo in my head the whole time he was here.

Now, of course I knew that it was not going to be like Mary Poppins when he came, but a girl can daydream!

In reality it is a guy with a sheet and huge vacuum cleaner.

Not our actual chimney sweep- I didn’t take think to take his picture

Now, as you may or may not recall- I have 2 kitties that are just over a year old.  When Mr Sweep came in, Perry Cat did his super agent act and dissolved into thin air and reappeared under my bed.  Severus hung around to watch for a bit.  He then followed me into the kitchen.  Unfortunately for him- the big giant vacuum cleaner turned on. It was between him and the Narnia of under my bed.  He got all “poofed up” as scared cats do and flattened himself to the ground.  He was so scared, but so stinking cute!

He slunk along on the floor to the cupboards, opened a cupboard (crazy creature!) and climbed inside.  When I peeked in, he had pushed everything around and was in the back corner.  He didn’t come out until Mr Sweep was gone.

Those cats make me laugh- several times a day!

Tonight- we will have a fire and hopefully the cats are not too traumatized!


Rule #183- Don’t forget it is good luck to shake hands with a chimney sweep!