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Pie… it’s what’s on my mind….

I need to choose what kind to bake.  There are so many choices.

There are fruit pies and chocolate pies… nut pies and cream pies.  We LOVE pie!

A friend of mine, I will call her <3, is having her annual Pie Party  next week.  It is truly a genius idea.  Her thought is that we are all so stuffed (and tired) by the end of Thanksgiving dinner that we don’t get to seriously enjoy the pies.

❤ hosts a pie party the night before Turkey Day.

Every family that comes brings any kind of pie that they choose.  She provides plates, forks and drinks.  It is an open house- come and go as you please.  Eat as much pie as you can!

I need to get my apron out and get to work.

The crust is so very important- but not very easy.  At least it is not easy for me…. but practice makes perfect!

I am afraid, though, that the hardest part will be making the choice.

I am appealing to you, my faithful citizens of the Queen’s World…. please comment and let me know what kind of pie would be your first choice at a pie party…

Rule #182- Vote for your favorite pie so I can make a choice!