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Happy Veteran’s Day…. well, it was actually yesterday, but today is the day that Redbeard and Buttercup have the day off.

We have spent the first hour or two of the day watching Phineas and Ferb… a weakness we share!

The best part is listening to Pirate Redbeard giggle like a school girl!  Most people don’t think he ever talks or smiles- they wouldn’t believe he can giggle! Only those of us who know him well have ever seen it!

And yes, people have actually told him that he looks like the esteemed (and handsome) Mr Cooper.

As the day progresses I will have to go food shopping, Buttercup will have to do her homework and the 3 of us are getting our Christmas pictures made by one of my favorite people….

She will make sure we look better than this!

For now- I know what we are gong to do today!

Rule #181- Make it a goal in life to hear the Pirate Redbeard giggle 🙂