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Yesterday was a VERY long day…. we got home from our football game performance in Corpus Christi at about 2:15 this morning.  By the time we had put everything away and gotten cleaned up we needed to wind down.  We watched some tv and enjoyed some adult beverages (hot chocolate for Buttercup). By the time we were in beds with lights out it was 4:00 am.  I honestly don’t know when was the last time I saw that hour!

We got up about 11:00 and spent the day- the entire day- watching The Walking Dead.  Redbeard and I have watched since the beginning- but Buttercup has never seen it.  We started at season 1 episode 1.

I have learned some things about myself watching this show….

I have no heart.  Just kill them!!!!! I prefer this for my weapon!

It makes little noise and you can re-use the arrows.

I would learn how to run….

I would love to have someone like Daryl around… he can hunt, track, and fight… and he’s not hard to look at!
The only break in our marathon was to go pick up Thai food for dinner.  A little pad thai to round out a super perfect day!