On the first of every month (or as close as I can get) I spend the day in a house that smells like a giant pickle!

I know this picture invites lots of comment, but please remember it is a family friendly blog…

I run vinegar through my dishwasher, washing machine, shower heads and coffee maker….

I have to change the filter in my water pitcher, too.  We have some very hard water here on the face of the sun….

The hardest part is the Keurig

After running the vinegar through…. It takes 2 gallons of water to get the vinegar smell and taste out. It takes a long time… but it makes the machine last longer.

Anyway- the house smells funny, but at least it is cool enough to open the windows for a little while.

Rule #172- If you are going to run vinegar through everything you own- try to do it on an open window kind of day.