Friday is here… a rare Friday in September that does not involve a high school football game for our family.  Our team played last night. Oddly enough, it rained on us.  Not just a little bit of sprinkle either. It poured. The raindrops felt like little rocks being thrown at my face…. it wasn’t much fun for a little while.  Once it let up and we could see in front of our faces- it was fun. The kids had a great time and the team won. Getting home at 11 on a school night was a challenge for all of those kids- and moms and dads!

So in honor of the sleep deprived and still not quite dry band….

Fun Friday!

And attitude is what I have!

Poor kitty!

Save the books!

This kid makes me happy!

The funny part is that you think I’m kidding!

A little Sithy

I still need more!

Be rebellious

More true than false!


Have a great weekend everyone… Here in the Queen’s World- there shall be rejoicing and relaxing!

Rule #171- Find someone who you love more than bacon!