Today is Princess Buttercup’s 15th birthday. Not really sure how that happened.

I know it is cliché to say that it all goes so fast…. but I truly do feel like she was in 1st grade just last week. I cannot possibly be this old!

To celebrate the last day of “NATIONAL IRRITATE A FOOD PIC HATER FOOD PIC POSTING WEEK” or NIAFPHFPPW for short… some of the birthday cake.

Princess Leia (Empire Strikes Back) and her pet zebra are playing with their food!

Buttercup could not decide on a theme- so we did Zebras and Princesses…. thus the friends in the pics….

She wore a hot pink sparkly tutu and a tiara today… she and her friends went roller skating. I am a happy Mommy!

Now, I only have a few days before she gets her permit. That should give me lots of material!

Rule #168- Let them eat cake! or Princesses and zebras are a great combination!