Well, the day has finally arrived. Tomorrow, I start my new job. I will be teaching 8 two-year olds at my church’s Kids’ Day Out program.

Not our real logo- gotta keep some stuff private!

I am quite nervous.  I have never taught this age group other than child care during church services.  I haven’t taught and done lesson plans etc. since before Buttercup was born- 15 years ago.

I guess that tomorrow night I will have to indulge in one of these:

Otherwise, I might wake up Wednesday looking like this:

For those of you that don’t know me… I have zero gray hairs right now and the only wrinkles I have are from laughing!

I am prepared- supper is already in the crock pot… ready to turn on in the morning.

Now I need a good night’s sleep so I can go in and love on those boys and girls.

Rule #164- All royal subjects of The Queen must send good wishes, prayers or happy juju my way!