I am borrowing an idea from my friend Aggie at Sithy Things….

Six Songs of Me

1. First Song I Ever Bought:

It was on cassette tape. I went in 50/50 with my best friend, Sue.  We worked out a very complicated schedule of custody!

2. A Song That Always Gets Me Dancing

I guess not exactly dancing- but I do get very involved! Close second would be Juke Box Hero by Foreigner.

3. A Song That Takes Me Back to Childhood

I listened to this album so many times I think it had holes in it. I could sing every song word for word.

4. Your Perfect Love Song

Not everything needs to be shared- this was the second song we danced to at our wedding

5. Song for My Funeral

This music is the music that was playing when I walked back up the aisle after saying I do.  It was also playing in the delivery room when Buttercup entered the world! I figure it should be playing at all big events!

6. Sexiest Song I Know

7. Song that Makes Me=Me

Rule #162- Go turn the music on!