Here in the Queen’s World, things are not always what they seem.

Most people see the smile and friendly exterior and have no inkling what lies beneath.  The people who really know me- see the sarcasm, impatience, judgement and all around very human side of me on occasion.

Recently, I had to work hard to keep the two separate.

As a result, I had to unload to Redbeard- I didn’t want to dwell on hurt feelings or go into detail… nothing was going to change- but I had to vent.

I did my best to put it into 3 rules.

Don’t set up a system if you don’t intend to follow it.

Don’t correct an adult in front of children- unless necessary. (And ALWAYS watch your tone!)

Don’t show favortism- everyone is supposed to follow the same rules, or they don’t work

I can’t/won’t go into any more detail- hopefully it won’t happen again.

Rule #159- Find a safe way to vent before you say something you can’t take back.