We have been watching a lot of Olympics.

I understand why people are unhappy with the coverage…. watching everything that NBC thinks I want to see. However, this is my only chance to watch BMX, synchronized diving, modern pentathlon, archery, track and field…etc…

Now prepare yourself…. those of you who think I am always nice and always kind and always friendly…

Last night we were watching the finals of the women’s 1500 meter final.  One of the athletes fell during the race.

Morgan Uceny reacts after falling in the women’s 1500-meter final

She is not hurt or dying… she just fell.  Instead of getting up and finishing, she kneeled there and cried and pounded her hands like a 2 year old while everyone else finished the race.

I understand that she was expecting to win.  I understand she has worked for  years to get here…. I also understand that one of our male athletes ran a relay on a broken leg, a female BMX athlete , after a crash, finished so far behind everyone else that you couldn’t see her coming.   I just think she should have gotten up and finished the race.

The American spirit, in my Royal opinion, means doing whatever you can to finish what you start.  I personally think that she looked like a spoiled child and that she made America look bad.

I know you don’t all agree…. you will tell me to be sympathetic.  I am sorry she fell.  I am sorry she didn’t win.  I am sorry she acted like that.

Rule #157- If at all possible, finish what you start! OR Pull up your big girl panties and get on with it!