The last week has been more hectic for me than usual. Our marching band started their practices more than 1 month before school starts.

I am one of the “Band Moms” this year and have been spending a lot of time at the school to help out.  When I have been home I am trying to make up for lost time… now don’t think I mean housework or chores.  I mean lost time watching Olympics, reading , playing on the computer and playing with my kitties! Priorities!

Our kitties are not happy with the hours left alone each day. They are used to LOTS of physical affection and company.  Both Perry and Severus are trying to share Buttercup’s chair as she practices her clarinet right now….

So, these are not our kitties, but they are super cute anyway….

I do truly believe that my furbabies spell correctly and use correct grammar at all times!

Rule #155- Love on your furbabies!