The Olympics are here!

The other Queen and I are very excited!

I know some people did not like the opening ceremonies, but I did. (Well, the NHS part was weird)

I enjoy the parade of nations too- so many countries that we know nothing about! I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to be one of two or three athletes representing an entire nation!

My favorite thing about the Olympics are the sports that we normally hear nothing about.

I mean, synchronized diving? Who knew? It fascinates me.

Also, oddly enough, I enjoy women’s archery. I would certainly want these women close to me in case of zombie apocalypse! (Yes, I AM ready!)

So, I don’t spend much time watching soccer or basketball-ย those are always around. But gymnastics and swimming and fencing and rowing- those I love to watch!

Rule #154- Pick a sport, pick a country (We are not the only country participating!) and cheer!