Strawberry Soup

Greetings from The Queen on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

As promised: Here are the portraits of some of the meals we ate while on our cruise.

Most of the time, the food sat still long enough to pose- but not always!

Mango Soup

Frog’s Legs

Baked Alaska

Asparagus Soup

Less daring night- fried shrimp

A hand held pot pie with pumpkin, sweet potatoes and apples inside. Risotto side.

I wasn’t fast enough to catch apple pie unbitten!

Seafood and Veg in a spicy sauce (forgot what they called it)

Chateaubriand= I had never tried it. I wanted to marry it!

Warm Chocolate Melting Cake

Oysters Rockefeller

Buttercup’s first go at a lobster!

Oh- the butter! The lobster and shrimp were amazing too!

cappuccino Pie

Caramel and crispy fried dough with cream… who cares what it’s called!

Redbeard is not a big sweets guy- he ended all 6 meals with the cheese plate

Caprese Salad


I have already been accused of trying to make everyone hungry- hopefully this one is before supper and you can sate your appetite!

Cruising is not our favorite- but the eating on a cruise- priceless!

Carry on!

Rule #152.1 Enjoy every bite and repeat!