Found great Japanese outside Atlanta…. much better than McDonald’s!

One more post about vacation…. the second most important part: FOOD!

The most important part is the uninterrupted time for the 3 of us to be together- we really do like each other!

I tend to take pictures of my food…

LBLT- a BLT with LOBSTER on it

Yummy Nachos on the pier in Key West

Vegetable Patty and Yucca fries with a side of coco bread at Bob Marley’s in Orlando

Gainesville, FL- Jamaican restaurant (I forgot the name) Jerk Burger- so very good I almost swooned!

Jamaican place- Buttercup’s Jerk style tofu sandwich- better than you would imagine

Pirate Redbeard’s Spicy Seitan Burger in Jamican place…. so spicy!

Bubba Gump’s Shrimp….

Buttercup learned to love calamari

Coconut shrimp

Up close is a spicy beef pasty….
Behind is curried fish stew