The Queen screwed up royally, as only a queen can do!

I forgot to renew Buttercup’s passport. Thankfully- Redbeard reminded be before it was unfixable.

Buttercup and I are flying to North Carolina next Friday- I fly back without her the following Monday. It would be impossible to renew a princess passport without the princess!

We are going on a cruise in July and minors need to renew their passports every 5 years. You can’t travel on a passport with under 6 months left. Her old one expires in August.  Hence our issue.

Redbeard had to leave work to sit in the waiting room for way too long…

 The clock seemed to be stuck…

The two ladies really were working hard but people seem incapable of following simple directions. How hard is it to go online and find out exactly what you need to bring with you? Seriously!

 We finally got through the line and had our turn. About $1 million later for expedited services and we were free….

I felt terrible that Redbeard had to miss work and now he has to stay late tonight- but it all got fixed.

Rule #146- If money can fix a problem, then it’s not a real problem.