Today I made myself laugh!

By the time I did what needed doing this morning, it was too hot for Your Royal Highness to walk outdoors. I decided that I would do an “exercise tape”. (Yes, I know it’s not really a tape, but I am old!)

On Netflix, you can find a lot of different work out videos in their list. A lot of them are on the instant list. I added several to my list and picked one to play on the tv today.

I chose a dance type workout…. compared to the girls on the tv, I felt like a dancing bear (for now!) But that’s ok….  a dancing bear is better than a sitting on the couch bear!

The lollipop girl on tv and her friends looked like this:

 Your Royal Highness is about as coordinated as these people:

Honestly, that’s ok with me. They look like they are having fun!

Rule #145- No laughing when the Queen falls on her face!