Yesterday was a sad day for my generation…. author and illustrator Maurice Sendak passed away.

Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl and now Maurice Sendak. It’s as if my childhood is being erased one illustrations, one dream, one story at a time.

These are the books that fed my mind and heart growing up.  The kind of pictures that you could just disappear into. To this day, I can quote Chicken Soup With Rice;

 I can put myself in the place of Pierre-

and I can imagine spending hours in The Night Kitchen

 It amazes me that Sponge Bob and Cartoon Network are what today’s children will have to look back on. It saddens me, actually. The true art and imagination of good children’s books are irreplaceable.

So, along with the Wild Things- I cry for the loss of Maurice Sendak:

And I pray that his dinner was still warm when he got home….

Rule #141- Today is Maurice Sendak day….. find one of his books and read it to someone special.