By Royal Decree….. today is the Queen’s favorite day! My birthday!

The Pirate Redbeard and Buttercup outdid themselves on the gift front this year.

Now mind you, it’s not about the gift- it’s about the fact that they paid attention and bought what I wanted!

I got a second charm for my necklace…. the first one was a star. This one is a T.

Now… T is not the initial of anyone in our family. It is my own private nickname for the Pirate Redbeard. He calls me Star, I call him T. These are stories that will never be told. Actually, they wouldn’t make sense to anyone else after all this time anyway. These long term, 25 years in the making type stories just can’t be explained. The fact that he chose this charm for me  speaks volumes to my heart.

The second gift was equally as thoughtful. Over the last several years, I have grown to love cooking. Feeding people food that I have made makes me incredibly happy.  I have always wanted high quality cookware to work with. I have gotten a few things here and there to keep me going. Today I got my first piece of LeCreuset!

Isn’t is beautiful!? I get excited about things…. deal with it! 🙂

I need to plan supper now!

Rule #140- In honor of my birthday- you must all eat cake!