In the perfect world of The Queen’s Rules…. this post would be moot. Unfortunately, my reign has not yet started and it is necessary.

Our local small town police department has gone high-tech. They have a Facebook page and are connected to an app called MyPD. Every day they list the police blotter so that we, the concerned citizens, are made aware of what is going on in our neighborhoods.

I think this is genius. It is much easier for us to see patterns in behavior if we can see the big picture. I like being kept “in the loop” about the goings on around me. If there has been a rash of car thefts or drag racing- I want to know so that I can prepare/protect myself and my family. (How I would do that are for another post!)

 Now, if everyone would start living by MY strict moral code- we would have no use for police. Their main job would be educating children on safety and throwing those few rebellious crazies into the cage with these guys….

I promise, I will find work for any officers put out of a job by the new moral compass…. maybe they can all do cold cases and find the reprobates that have skated free for so long….

Any way… I digress into total fantasy….

 And for those of you who are worried about not fitting in to the new world order…. don’t be.  I actually have a wide range of acceptable and encouraged behaviors/attitudes.  Be a generally good person and abide by the Golden Rule and you are pretty safe.

Rule #137- Police officers are doing the best they can… help them out! (and stay informed)