Here at the castle, things don’t always go as planned.

My friend, Aggie, from Sithy Things recently had a related story….

Redbeard received a gift certificate for his birthday (in November!) for a night in a bed and breakfast nearby.

We used it last night (yes, the very end of April!). We arent’ very good remember-ers sometimes!

My mom came to spend the night with Buttercup, Severus and Perry. This is generally a grand time for all involved!

Redbeard came home from work, picked me up and headed north about 20 miles. We arrived at a cute little place that we ended up having to ourselves!

We walked a couple blocks to dinner- very yummy- then returned to the piano bar in the basement of the bed and breakfast (odd…yes). It was a fun place- not crazy and crowded like a Howl at the Moon or Pat O’Brien’s- probably about 20 people. We enjoyed ourselves- a lot!

This morning, however, we remembered that our 21st birthdays were a very long time ago! We have both spent most of today looking forward to going back to bed!

Rule#135- You don’t always have to act your age- but be prepared to deal with the consequences!