Monday? Where did that come from? It sneaks up on me every time!

I was listening to BBC World on the radio last night and they were talking about the primary elections in France. Now, trust me…. I don’t think we should be French in any way other than food and wine.  I did learn something interesting though. The media are not allowed to announce any results until all poling places are closed. Such a simple idea.

I admit that I am not a font of political opinion or knowledge. Most people who know me personally don’t have any idea what my political beliefs are. That’s the way I like it. I do have definite opinions though (I know you are surprised!)

I have always wondered how many people in the western part of the country don’t bother to vote because ABC news already announced the winners. It amazes me to hear “With 3% of the votes in, we are calling the winner….” Really? Before half the country has even voted! I would love to see what would happen if we could pull that off- no news about results until everyone has voted and all votes are counted. (Now, I don’t want to hear anyone crying about freedom of the press- I am trying to change the world here and I alone make the rules!)