First off, yes, I have been cleaning out 5 things a day. Today. Buttercup even “got” to do 5 of her own today!

The Queen does not have a green thumb. I love to look at flowers and have tried numerous times to grow things- to no avail.

Today, I tried again. We have new built-in flower boxes in front of the house and they couldn’t stay empty any longer…. (according to Redbeard!)

We went to our friendly neighborhood home improvement center and got :



Star Jasmine

Ground Rose

If nothing else, it will smell good! The lady that lives behind us has a HUGE star jasmine and it makes our yard smell fantastic. I am hoping that putting one in front will surround us in a cloud of sweet jasmine…… aaahhhh!

So, I got hot, sweaty, dirty and achy but now the ribs are on the grill and my wine glass is full so life is good!

Rule #133- Don’t be afraid to get dirty!