You have to start somewhere!


I am not a big project kind of girl…. I don’t do big Spring cleaning or get the urge to paint a room. I don’t put new covers on furniture or replant flower beds. Just not my thing.

But some things just have to be done.  I realized yesterday that we are getting buried in clutter. It’s mostly baskets, boxes and piles of stuff that has no real home. If it has a home, one of us was too lazy to put away properly at some point.  (See, I admit that I am FAR from perfect!)

Not really my junk drawer- mine are worse!

I was trying to think about how to get started without being overwhelmed….

I decided to do 5 things a day. I will pick 5 things (basket, drawer, bag, pile, cupboard) a day to go through. I will be brutal about throwing things away and enforcing that the things that are in the wrong place go to the right place. I hope that by keeping it small and do-able I will not quit.

I did my 5 today and it felt good…

Rule #132- Don’t get overwhelmed with a project…. start somewhere!